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Fluency was a peer-to-peer online language learning platform.

I created Fluency with my friends Su Yang and Kentaro Takana for MIT's web development competition during our freshman year. This was my first foray into webdev, and I really enjoyed it!

The premise behind Fluency was that for many people, the hardest part of learning a new langugage is not reading or writing, but speaking. It's very hard to give every individual student time to practice speaking.

Fluency solves this problem by connecting language students to each other. Say Sally is a person who lives in America who wants to learn Chinese. Mei is a person from China who wants to learn English. Fluency would then help connect Sally and Mei so they could practice speaking with each other.

We built Fluency in Node.js and MongoDB. We supported live video calling and messaging using WebRTC and socket.io. We also wrote a matching algorithm in order to pair individuals with each other.

After winning 2nd place at MIT's competition, we entered the Microsoft Imagine Cup US Finals where we placed 5th and advanced to World Finals. We also continued working on Fluency in MIT's New Enterprises class, which taught us many things about listening to our users' needs. Ultimately, we decied to stop working on Fluency because we realized there were other projects that we were more passionate about.